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Tail4win 4.7

Tail4win 4.7: Tail4win - windows tail. It can  monitor changes to file. monitor log files of server applications in real-time, e.g. Apache`s error.log and access.log, or IIS, Tomcat, Resin log files. And programmer can monitor application traces easy and quickly. Tail4win can display the last part of a large file quickly without loading the entire file. And it is a file viewer only, it makes no changes to log files. Main features: Monitor changes to files and display the changed lines in real time. Monitor files of any

Active Wall Traffic Monitor 4.0: Free traffic monitor software for LAN, monitor 1,000 computers at the same time.
Active Wall Traffic Monitor 4.0

Monitor is a free real time network traffic monitor software for LAN. It has great performance, can monitor 1,000 computers at the same time. It is stable and secure for 24X7 running. Active Wall Traffic Monitor runs on one computer and provides traffic monitoring and filtering for whole LAN. It does not require any client installation. Active Wall Traffic Monitor supports gateway,bridge,bypass,redirect and single mode, it is suitable for any network

packet, traffic, network, statistics, outbound, monitor, inbound, bandwidth, adapter, igmp, intranet, analyzer, icmp

Advanced Time Reports Monitor 7.5.22: Time Tracking & Project Management Solution to help you increase billable hours
Advanced Time Reports Monitor 7.5.22

Monitor monitors and records your computer activity and allocates it to predefined projects. If you would like to automatically track your software applications and time spent - download ATR Monitor. ATR Monitor runs in Windows system tray, tracks your software amd records all computer activity to preassigned projects. It can allocate your time to a specific predefined project or give you an option to choose a client and a project yourself, along

timekeeping, timesheets, project recording, time management, time recording, project tracking, time keeping, time allocation, project management, time tracking, timesheet, customer tracking, task management

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S.O.S.Automation 1.01

Baby - Medical monitor and alarm system. Implemented in software for a home PC. constantly monitor the surroundings and call you upon emergency. This is extremely useful for infants and dependent. Calls you automatically upon an alarm event. Upon an alarm event it enables you to monitor the PC surrounding in real time, (sometimes also talking back to the monitored target), and if you have an internet connection, also video monitoring.

pc alarm, ils servers, security, home monitor, baby alarm

HSLAB HTTP Monitor Lite Real-time monitoring and statistics for Apache HTTP server.
HSLAB HTTP Monitor Lite

time monitoring and statistics for Apache HTTP server. HSLAB HTTP Monitor is a complete solution for visualization of the connections and performance data for Apache servers Web in real time. The information is collects remotely, the server and the HTTP Monitor can works in different places without any restrictions. This software connects to the Web server and receives from it the information about connections (sessions) by the current moment. Using

bandwidth monitor, apache monitor, apache performance, http monitor, http performance monitor, monitor apache connections, monitor apache, apache load, apache optimization, apache tuning, apache statistics, http server monitor, graphical network monitor

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VFWH monitor 1.12.342

Monitor: Calculate statistics for bound Interfaces. Calculate statistics for chosen Connections. Calculate using time for Interfaces and Connections. Graph real-time diagram for Interfaces traffic. ...and more, more, more. Just explore VFWH Monitor and you will get more! Very useful utility for modem users (dial-up, ADSL, etc.). VFWH Monitor may be used for LAN (network cards) and WAN ( modems, ADSL, etc.) networks. You can open real-time monitors

traffic, network, monitor, dial up

HSLAB Free Sys Monitor Advanced real-time system monitoring and statistics utility.
HSLAB Free Sys Monitor

HSLAB Sys Monitor is a real-time monitoring and statistics tool that allows you to keep an eye on a specific system performance value. You can choose from CPU, memory, network connections, network traffic, disk space, connected users and more. You can only monitor one of these values at a time, but easily switch between them as needed. The small display can be placed anywhere on your screen and takes up very little desktop space.

traffic monitoring, real time system monitoring, memory monitor, system monitoring, visual statistics, system performance, server connections, system monitor

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